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We provide guidance, education,and accountability to help families create deeper, more fulfilling connections through healthy parental leadership.

Our transformational speaking services empower individuals and organizations to access the victorious lives we are all meant to live. We inspire action and growth, as individuals and communities! We authentically communicate truths that will help unlock your true potential and power!

Join us as we navigate the hilarious ups and downs of biblical single parenting and gracefully handling the complexities of divorce.

Dr. Tiffany N. Howard, MD, author, and content creator, champions collective progress. Her new book, “Diamonds & Pearls,” unveils transformative insights alongside 8 pioneering womenpreneurs. Reimagine purpose with resilience and grab your copy today!

Diamonds & Pearls

Discover the inspiring journeys of nine women entrepreneurs who overcame trials and created their own paths to success. Learn unconventional strategies and how they turned pain into purpose. This book helps you defy the odds and pursue your goals. Get ready to be inspired and become a successful womenpreneur!

Diamonds & Pearls Journal

“The Journey of Womenpreneurs Who Rock (Journal) empowers you with nine soul-stirring affirmations that drive industry experts to conquer challenges. Discover the stories of these womenpreneurs who defied norms and harnessed their trials to create purpose-driven endeavors. Within this journal, you have the opportunity to examine your own life story, overcome the challenges you face, and embrace your purpose. Prepare to be infused with inspiration and motivation, propelling you to pursue your personal and professional goals with unyielding resolve.

Diamonds & Pearls Bundle

Explore the inspiring “Journey Of Womenpreneurs Who Rock!” bundle, featuring two powerful components.

In the first book, “The Journey Of Womenpreneurs Who Rock,” you’ll find nine captivating stories of perseverance, legacy, and unconventional success strategies.

The second book, “The Journey of Womenpreneurs Who Rock (Journal),” includes nine affirmations for self-reflection and empowerment.

Prepare to be inspired and motivated to achieve your business goals and become a fierce womenpreneur who rocks!